Holly Williams

Team Rider // Skateboard


Age // 15

Deck // Drawing Boards

Trucks // Independent Titanium

Wheels // Spitfire

Bearings // Bronson

Time on the team // 2 Years

Favourite trick // Slappy Nose

“The front skatepark is like a second home to me. The staff are always nice and friendly. All the ramps are kept in great shape with fresh paint on. All in all it’s just a great place with great people”

Joe Wells

Team Rider // BMX


Age // 22

Bike // Custom set up with united mothership frame

Time on the team // I think it’s about 6 years on the team

Favourite trick // Spinning of the bars

“The shop provides a friendly service and fills all the needs for any skatepark domain and I’m proud to represent them!”

Kai Groves

Team Rider // Skateboard


Age // 19

Deck // Currently Polar

Trucks // Independent Hollows (best trucks in the game)

Wheels // Bones OG formula

Bearings: Independent

Time on the team // 4 years

Favourite trick // Backside blunt on mini

“This skate shop has provided me with so many great memories, many new friends and opportunities and a new confidence in myself. The things the staff do go above and beyond to ensure the best service possible. Will forever love my skate shop/ park family”