Adam Priddice

Team Rider // Scooter


Age // 19

Set Up // Fazen Deck, Reapers, Blunt Forks

Time on the team // 3 Years

Favourite Trick // Unless footless whip/Bri Bar

“The park is the best park I have ever been to! I love the ramps, they're well built and the shop is well equipped. If you need something it's there and if you break anything they will have the spares ready for you”

Holly Williams

Team Rider // Skateboard


Age // 15

Deck // Drawing Boards

Trucks // Independent Titanium

Wheels // Spitfire

Bearings // Bronson

Time on the team // 2 Years

Favourite trick // Slappy Nose

“The front skatepark is like a second home to me. The staff are always nice and friendly. All the ramps are kept in great shape with fresh paint on. All in all it’s just a great place with great people”

Joe Wells

Team Rider // BMX


Age // 22

Bike // Custom set up with united mothership frame

Time on the team // I think it’s about 6 years on the team

Favourite trick // Spinning of the bars

“The shop provides a friendly service and fills all the needs for any skatepark domain and I’m proud to represent them!”

Kai Groves

Team Rider // Skateboard


Age // 19

Deck // Currently Polar

Trucks // Independent Hollows (best trucks in the game)

Wheels // Bones OG formula

Bearings: Independent

Time on the team // 4 years

Favourite trick // Backside blunt on mini

“This skate shop has provided me with so many great memories, many new friends and opportunities and a new confidence in myself. The things the staff do go above and beyond to ensure the best service possible. Will forever love my skate shop/ park family”

Kai Pearson

Team Rider // Scooter


Age // 16

Scooter // Kota bars, Aztec grips, Envy clamp, wheels and headset, Dominator deck, Aztec griptape

Time on the team // Around 2 years

Favourite Trick // Kickless whip

“It's a very good shop where everyone is very helpful and can help you find anything you need”

Max Garland

Team Rider // Skateboard


Age // 15

Set Up // Welcome deck, Indy trucks, OJ Wheels

Time on the team // 3 Months

Favourite Trick // Bs Flip

“The skatepark is spectacular and the ramps are very well built. There is a variety for all levels. The staff are always helpful, kind and welcoming! The shop has a huge variety as well so you can always get what you need.”

Sam Rance

Team Rider // Scooter


Age // 17

Set Up // Apex Bars/Forks, Oath Wheels, Cody Sig Deck

Time on the team // 1 Month

Favourite Trick // 360 Bri Whip

“Such a good community, always makes everyone feel welcome and they always have everything you need!”