We offer free daytime enrichment sessions to local group, Dorset Abilities. They have been visiting us regularly for over a year and have already become a part of our skatepark community.

DA members enjoy having a go at riding, trying out scooters and BMX as well as enjoying a safe and welcoming environment to socialise with some of our regular riders.


We offer local Scout and Cub groups free visits to the skatepark. We provide riding equipment and teach skatepark etiquette and how to ride safety inside a skatepark environment.

We also offer casual tuition and demonstrations from our Team Riders. As well as trying a new sport, and encouraging new interests and hobbies, some of the skills learned help go towards earning badges.


We work with many schools in the local area and have previously run after-school sports sessions with Wey Valley School and Enrichment Sessions with Budmouth 6th Form.

We also work alongside schools to offer free session vouchers to encourage good behaviour for those struggling in a school environment. We find a lot of young riders benefit from somewhere that allows them to push themselves and get an adrenaline rush in a safe facility.

We have been working with Compass School for over three years, offering enrichment sessions as rewards for good behaviour. We have continued to support their summer school in order to give continued support for those who find unstructured free-time a challenge.


The Front Skatepark is also able to offer work experience placements; helping students to gain new skills, raise confidence and self esteem, learn responsibilities and build a sense of belonging in a community. Come down to have an informal chat with our Manager Lisa, about volunteering and/or work experience opportunities.